Carbon Offset Program

Nitron is running a pilot program to offer its customers the opportunity to offset carbon emissions produced during the transportation of fertilizers. The company has estimated the current footprint of each shipping route for a fixed amount of product. The emissions will vary depending on the distance of the route, as displayed bellow:


Offset Programs

By purchasing the certificates to offset carbon emissions, the clients are supporting 2 Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) projects currently underway in Latin America:



Regulate and improve freshwater quality and quantity in the Chinchiná River basin.

Context – The rapid growth of agriculture and cattle grazing led to excessive deforestation affecting watersheds.

Actions – Among landowners, the Procuenca project promotes activities like the following: agroforestry, commercial reforestation stands, silvopastoral systems, and assisted natural regeneration.

Benefits – The project supports sustainable economic and productive activities. It creates jobs and generates additional income for farmers and small-scale industries. It promotes biodiversity by conserving the habitats of endangered species.



Provide clean energy to the Viñales sawmill and the local grid.

Context – The forestry industry produces biomass residues that have the potential to be an alternative source of energy.

Actions – The project involves the installation of a new large-scale biomass cogeneration power plant in the Viñales sawmill site. The plant will provide heat and power to the facility rather than installing a traditional low-pressure boiler.

Benefits – This initiative promotes economic activity using clean energy. In addition, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions (methane emissions) due to lower disposal or uncontrolled burning of biomass residues.


At the time of purchase, Nitron’s clients can choose to partially/totally offset emissions by acquiring certificates. Once the product is delivered and fully paid the client will receive the following:

Carbon Offset Certificate – issued by Nitron Group

The document certifies that the client is an official sponsor of the Nitron Offset Program supported by South Pole, as well as specifying the amount of carbon emissions being offset. The proceeds from this program will go towards financing the previously mentioned VCS projects .

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