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Nitron takes pride in its honesty, integrity, reputation, and ethical conduct of business.

Throughout our Company’s history, we have recognized the need for social, economic and environmental responsibility in all areas of our business. We highly value our integrity and reputation for fair and ethical conduct of business and treatment of our employees. Across the world, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and product while complying with the laws and regulations of all countries where we do business. We strive to follow these values and principles in every aspect of our business.


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Nitron Provides a wide variety of services ranging from large vessels to single bag sales.

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Nitron Products

Nitron specializes in fertilizer products. The 3 main products are Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potash along with various specialty blends

While Nitron is expanding into many new agricultural related businesses, the core remains the fertilizer business. Nitron is strong among the 3 main products: Nitrogen, Phosphates and Potash.

Today, Nitron trades over 8 million metrics tons per year of these products throughout the globe.