Our products


While Nitron is expanding into many new agricultural related businesses, the core remains the fertilizer business. Nitron is strong among the 3 main products: Nitrogen, Phosphates and Potash.
Today, Nitron trades over 5 million metrics tons per year of these products throughout the globe.


Nitron trades/distributes
all forms of Nitrogen
throughout the world,
tallying more than 40%
of its portfolio.

Nitrogen products sold are:

  • — Urea
  • — Prilled and Granular
  • — Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN)
  • — Ammonium Nitrate
  • — Ammonia (NH3)
  • — Ammonium Sulfate



Nitron is active in all the major phosphate producing regions (Russia, North America, China, and Middle East).

Phosphate products sold are:

  • — Di-Ammonium
  •      Phosphate (DAP) 18-46-0
  • — Mono-Ammonium
  •      Phosphate (MAP) 12-52-00
  • — Super Single Phosphate (SSP)
  • — Triple Super Phosphate (TSP)
  • — Rock Phosphate


Nitron has remained a large player of Potash in Latin America with close relationships with producers in the Former Soviet Union (FSU) as well as more recent relationships with other global producers.

Potash products sold are:

  • — Granular Muriate of Potash (GMOP)
  • — Standard Muriate of Potash (SMOP)
  • — Sulfate of Potash (SOP)

Specialty products

In addition to Nitron’s core fertilizer business, the company has an active team dedicated to a large range of specialty products related to the agriculture business.

These include but are not limited to:

  • — Chemical and Physical Blend NPK
  • — Water Soluble Products
  • — Sulfur
  • — Sulfuric Acid
  • — Soybeans + Grains
  • — Feed Ingredients
  • — Technical Grade Fertilizer Products
  • — Organic Fertilizers