About us

Nitron Group Corporation, headquartered in Greenwich, CT, USA, is a leading global trader of chemical and agricultural fertilizers. Founded in 1982, Nitron attributes its strong international reputation to developing long standing relationships between its suppliers and customers.
In recent years Nitron has expanded its global reach not only in terms of volume, but with a more complete package of logistics and distribution.

Who we are


Our philosophy

Creativity, modesty, integrity, team work
and hard work while always keeping the
family atmosphere.

Our services

Nitron provides a wide variety of services ranging from large vessels to single bag sales.



The core of Nitron’s business remains fertilizer trading. Nitron is a major purchaser of various products from European/Baltic nations, China, the Middle East, North Africa, and North America. The core of Nitron’s sales network has been Latin America but in recent years Nitron has become a major player in North America, Europe, and Africa.



Nitron has established distribution networks in various markets in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and North America. These services range from importing, warehousing, blending, packing and various logistics.

Executive team

Nitron’s Executive Team is composed of its 5 shareholders with a rich variety of age, experience, and background.

Ted H Mangassarian

Chairman & CEO

Prior to forming Nitron, Ted spent seven years in the fertilizer industry beginning with Unifert before joining the German-based Thyssen to develop its fertilizer trading business. Ted has implemented his relationship-based business model to create and maintain partnerships with key suppliers, customers and various financial institutions that has led to the development of Nitron as a premier global trading house.
   Today, he is at the forefront of the industry, having spent over 40 years innovating and shaping the global fertilizer markets. He has passed on his philosophies to Nitron’s executive team who are working hard to continue implementing them and growing the company.

Javier Urrutia


Since joining Nitron in 2000, Javier has focused his efforts on growing Nitron’s presence in the global markets. His knowledge of the industry and relationships have been essential in Nitron becoming the fastest growing fertilizer company of the past decade.
   As the President of Nitron, he is responsible for overseeing all commercial and operational activities including the trade of approximately 5 million metric tons of fertilizer worldwide per year.

Mark H Mangassarian

Executive Vice President

Joined Nitron in 2009. Prior to Nitron, Mark worked for a US $5 billion hedge fund trading equities. At Nitron, he has developed all of the Chinese sourcing and built up the North American and African business which have contributed substantially to Nitron’s exponential growth.

Tomas Novak

Executive Vice President

Joined Nitron in 2008. Tomas joined with a financial background after he received an MBA in economics. With his Latin American background (Uruguay) and fluency in both Spanish and Russian, Tomas has helped Nitron become the leader in many new and key trading markets as well as developing new sourcing opportunities, most notably, in the Middle East. Tomas’ grandfather was one of the first traders in Uruguay and Tomas has continued this tradition by helping Nitron become the largest player in this region.

Crescenzo ’Enzo’ Formato

Executive Vice President – Finance

Joined Nitron in 2002. Enzo worked at AIG prior to Nitron and developed various financial instruments within their insurance and banking groups. Today, he oversees $500 million of credit lines and is in charge of Nitron’s financial activity. Enzo maintains strong relationships with each of Nitron’s financing sources.